Professional translations into all languages, interpreting service and legal advice from one business.

Professional translations

»We are the right choice for your international business relations.«

We are the experts for professional translations and have a global network of professional translators at our disposal. We translate into every language and work exclusively based on the native speaker principle. Only qualified professional translators are employed for your specialist texts, who have specialised in technology, automobile, medicine, law, IT, finance texts and many other specialist sectors.
We are the perfect partner to translate your technical documentation, manuals, websites, operating instructions and any other texts which you want to make an impression with in an international environment. Every translation is of course checked by a second, independent professional translator free of charge.

Certified translations

Doctors or lawyers are mainly responsible for your translation in the specialist fields of medicine and law. Thanks to the number of state certified translators we have we take on certified translations in all professional topic areas as well as the certified translation of private documents.

Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting

We support you with your international contacts with first-class translations into all languages and by appointing qualified interpreters, who interpret consecutively or simultaneously, for your events – tailored to your needs.

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